Our Holiday Flowers Are a Forbes Fave

It’s always a flattering feeling to be featured on someone’s MUST HAVE list, but Forbes’ 2019 MUST HAVE Cannabis Flower Holiday Gift Guide? Well, I’d pay attention to that. If Cannabis can’t help you navigate the HOLIDAZE with a smile on your face, what can?!

Terroir: Noun (/terˈwär/) – The complete natural environment in which a particular Cannabis plant is produced, including factors such as the soil, topography, and climate.

This list of highly sought after and giftable flowers was compiled by Warren Bobrow, known as the Cocktail Whisperer but with a penchant for the green flower, and often combining the two. So WHY does Bobrow place Sunrise Mountain Farm so high on his holiday gift-giving list? In his own words:

It’s all about the terroir at Sunrise Mountain. Outdoor grown in real soil. Does that make it better? I believe so and so will your taste buds. Unlike the ones we smoke, your taste buds make Sunrise Mountain Farms a memorable experience.

Yep, he gets it. It IS all about the terroir!

Estate grown in the northeastern mountains of Humboldt County at an elevation of 2,500’, bordered by national forest, and surrounded by wild nature, our select Cannabis strains enjoy a unique microclimate.

Sunrise Mountain plants drink pure mountain spring water, root into vital soil, and see the sunrise every morning. The location of our farm contributes to exemplary terpene expression. We experience hot inland daytime temperatures and autumnal cool, crisp evenings with a slight coastal influence.

Location matters.

Forbes Shoutout For Sustainability

Do you prefer to buy a pint of strawberries from a trusted local farmer at your favorite Farmers Market, or from a Big Box store? Obviously, they’re not created equally. We all know the difference between Big AG and Craft anything. Much appreciation to Forbes Magazine for exploring the sustainability of craft products in our industry.

In her recent article “Earth Day Begs the Question: Is Cannabis Farming Sustainable?” Sara Brittany Sommerset breaks down sustainable Cannabis cultivation into three types:

“There are varying types of cannabis cultivation such as 1) Indoor or hydroponically grown by Dr. Greenthumb in California; 2) Greenhouse potted plants using sun or sun combined with artificial lighting, cultivated by Khiron and Avicanna in Colombia; or 3) Outdoor or sun-grown using just sunshine, rainwater and love, utilized by Sunrise Mountain Farms in Humboldt County, California.”

She did an excellent job distilling our approach down to its’ essence: Just sunshine, rainwater, and loveThe Sandomenos take a clean, sustainable approach to producing cannabis…” Thanks for the shoutout, Sara! We always consider the health of the planet in our Beyond Organic approach to cultivation. Does this make the quality, medicinal potential, and enjoyment of our flowers different from those produced by Big AG? We certainly think so, but we’ll let you be the judge!

Forbes Cannibis

Green Market Report Visits Sunrise Mountain

This fall we were thrilled to host our first collaborative event at Sunrise Mountain Farm with Papa & Barkley. The idyllic afternoon was marked by great conversation with media professionals from across the country, a delicious farm-to-table lunch, and a full access tour of our farm. It’s one thing to enjoy cannabis in its many forms, but if you’re not accustomed to life on the farm, it’s another to walk under the canopy of plants at peak flower. To say the least, minds were blown.

Green Market Report’s Debra Borchardt was among the journalists who joined us for the day. She pieced together this dispatch which offers some great tour highlights. Ever wonder about fostering indigenous microbes in your garden? Yes, even the microbes are handled with care at Sunrise Mountain! Dave shares info on techniques and much more in this report.

SoCal Harvest Mixer

Come say “Hi!” at the Emerald Outpost’s Harvest Mixer: Saturday, November 11, 1pm-9pm at The Victorian in Santa Monica.

This will be a dynamic and luxurious experience creating direct connections between NorCal producers and the SoCal Cannabis community.
This event showcases small farms such as ours and their mindful offerings that are now available for licensed purchase. Come meet and greet with us on the patio in a beautiful farmers-market-style setting!

Afterwards the day continues with a series of dynamic Industry Insider panels in partnership with the Future Cannabis Project focused on important issues from social justice to pain points in the supply chain. Committed Panelists include Amanda Chicago Lewis (Rolling Stone) Hezekiah Allen (CGA, Emerald Grown), Eric Spitz (c4 Distribution), Steven Domingo (WeDrop), Felicia Carbajal (California Cannabis Advocates), Fanny Guzman (Latinos for Cannabis), Ingrid Archie (Civic Engagement Coordinator), Lynne Lyman (Prop 64 author), Chiah Rodriques (Mendocino Generations) and Dr. Brandie M. Cross, PhD (The Pot Lab) with more being added.

The evening portion of the gathering continues with opportunities to get to #knowyourgrower and their products in the designated outdoor smoking area, dance the night away to an eclectic array of musical styles and indulge in delicious dishes from some of our favorite foodies.

A portion of the proceeds will go to support Sweetleaf Collective, providing free medicine to terminally ill patients since 1996.

We hope you join us for a celebratory day of community, camaraderie and cannabis!

Purchase tickets beforehand as they will not be available at the door.