Sunrise Mountain Farm

About us

Founded and operated by a husband and wife team, Sunrise Mountain Farms embodies the dream of raising a family and creating potent medicine with the principles of land stewardship in balance and harmony with nature. As a legacy cannabis farm in the mountains of Humboldt County, we value healthy living by sustainably producing the highest quality craft cannabis for your enjoyment and well being.

Estate grown at an elevation of 2,500’ with lush, forested wilderness surrounding. Our regenerative and science based farming practices build a foundation of wellness from the ground up. We start with the soil. Feeding and growing a robust microbial network that encourages our plants to exude cannabinoids and terpene expressions reflective of our terroir and distinct growing style. Plants root into vital soil, drink pure mountain spring water, and see the sunrise every morning. Our nutrient recipes enhance the natural expression of the cannabinoids and terpenes of the cannabis plant. For the full potential of each plant to be realized, each one is thoughtfully and lovingly tended to by our dedicated and passionate team. The combination of these factors has resulted in our flowers and concentrates winning awards for years. Not only are we producing some of the highest quality sun grown flowers, but we feel great knowing that conscious farming contributes to a sustainable future for our planet.

Business + Passion + Family

Sunrise Mountain is not only our family business, but represents the intersection of our passion for the Cannabis plant, hard-earned cultivation expertise, and desire to create a sustainable future for our family of five in a location that we love.

Our team of experts

Lorelie Sandomeno
Founder and Co-Owner
Dave Sandomeno
Founder and Co-Owner

In The News

“They sit enveloped by the aromatics of some of the finest craft cannabis that is grown anywhere in the country. Truly the taste and the aromatics of the place surround and deepen each breath. An experience so overwhelming that most people have never seen anything like this before and they sit, awestruck in the face of such beauty. This is a Victory Garden of outdoor growing. An experience of the ‘highest’ order, and it is what we have come to see at Dave and Lorelie Sandomeno’s Sunrise Mountain Farm. Row after row of this lusciously scented craft cannabis fills the eyes and the nasal passages with vast bursts of spicy profusion.” – Warren Bobrow, Forbes

Sunrise Mountain Flower