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Sungrown – Handcrafted – Sustainable – Beyond Organic – Grown with Love in the mountains of Northeast Humboldt County

Award Winning Estate Grown Cannabis

Our years of organic cultivation experience ensures you the highest quality Humboldt sun grown medicinal flowers. At Sunrise Mountain Farm we lovingly tend each plant to grow vital, healthy cannabis for people who care where their medicine comes from and how it is cultivated.

It takes experience, knowledge, and whole-hearted passion to bring you our distinctive, highest quality Cannabis. Through the fusion of tradition and science, we achieve optimal potency in our flowers and concentrates. We grow a wide variety of premier and proprietary strains to suit the needs of each person.


Beyond Organic

Conscious farming contributes to a sustainable future for our planet. We use regenerative and sustainable cultivation practices including Korean Natural Farming and permaculture techniques. Our aim is to create a closed loop system, which integrates on site resources such as wildcrafted ferments, composting, and soil building. Using fruits, vegetables, plants, fish, and other natural ingredients, we make our own plant nutrients. We use indigenous microorganisms from our forest to inoculate our cultivation soil. Our nutrient recipes enhance the natural expression of the cannabinoids and terpenes of the Cannabis plant. For the full potential of each plant to be realized, each one is thoughtfully and lovingly tended to by our dedicated and passionate team.

Terroir: Location Matters

Estate grown in the northeastern mountains of Humboldt County at an elevation of 2,500’, bordered by national forest, and surrounded by wild nature, our select Cannabis strains enjoy a unique microclimate.

Sunrise Mountain plants drink pure mountain spring water, root into vital soil, and see the sunrise every morning. The location of our farm contributes to exemplary terpene expression. We experience hot inland daytime temperatures and autumnal cool, crisp evenings with a slight coastal influence.

Tradition + Science
Tradition + Science

Soils are laboratory tested to determine precise fertilization formulas. We carefully examine plants and soils under our own microscopes to better understand what they need for optimal health at each stage of growth. We choose to grow most of our plants large, naturally in all of their glory, Humboldt style.

Balanced Approach

In addition to growing Cannabis flowers, we grow herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables to feed our family, friends, pollinators, and wildlife. Diversified and companion planting help to sustain balance and the health of our Cannabis as well as the environment. Making our own nutrients and building soil supports environmental health by reducing plastic waste from nutrient containers and not relying on the intensive manufacturing processes needed to produce them.

Award Winning Products

Quality Product + Gentle Concentration = Awards!

  • Papa and Barkley took 2nd place at High Times for Fresh Frozen Ice Water Hash in collaboration with Sunrise Mountain 2017 Rainbow Flame full sun flowers.
  • Papa & Barkley won 3rd place at High Times for Live Rosin with Sunrise Mountain 2017 Fruity Pebbles.
  • Our proprietary strain Hot Berry won 2nd place for terpenes at the 2017 Humboldt County Cup.

Our Menu

Flower Strain Selection

  • Dozizoz
  • Crème de Luna
  • Blueberry Muffin
  • Strawberry G CBD
  • Wedding Crasher
  • Cherry Trance

Water Hash

Dozi Luna


Strawberry G CBD

We’re Keeping it Simple

We are offering three strain types for ease of use (Daytime, Evening, and CBD) as either Premium Flower Eighths or 3-packs of half gram Full Flower Pre-rolls. Our top-shelf glass packaging features gorgeous mountain profiles from our neck of the woods, as well as detailed info on the TASTE and FEEL of the flowers inside. Bulk flowers are also available. If you are a licensed retailer or distributor contact us for more details and check out our Product Info Sheet.


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