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Sunrise Mountain Farms is participating in a pilot program with Cannabis for Conservation to establish the guidelines and a rubric for a Wildlife Conscious Certification Program. We are excited to promote wildlife conservation and management on our farm through the Wildlife Conscious Certification pilot program. Learn more about the program. here

The Wildlife Conscious Certification is a collaboration between Cannabis for Conservation, California Department of Fish & Wildlife (CDFW), Humboldt State University, UC Berkeley Cannabis Research Center, International Cannabis Farmers Association. The WCC implements habitat enhancements, restoration, and removal of invasive species, among many others to promote wildlife conservation and management on farms. The certification criteria are scientifically robust, evidence-based, and adaptive with new data. WCC was awarded a grant from CDFW’s Cannabis Restoration Grant Program Watershed Remediation and Enhancement Fund to implement the pilot program over 18 months through Spring of 2023. This program builds off of existing CA regulations for cultivation, and will serve as the gold standard for applied wildlife conservation on farms.