Do you prefer to buy a pint of strawberries from a trusted local farmer at your favorite Farmers Market, or from a Big Box store? Obviously, they’re not created equally. We all know the difference between Big AG and Craft anything. Much appreciation to Forbes Magazine for exploring the sustainability of craft products in our industry.

Sunrise Mountain Flower
Dave Farming at Sunrise Mountain Farms

In her recent article “Earth Day Begs the Question: Is Cannabis Farming Sustainable?” Sara Brittany Sommerset breaks down sustainable Cannabis cultivation into three types:

“There are varying types of cannabis cultivation such as 1) Indoor or hydroponically grown by Dr. Greenthumb in California; 2) Greenhouse potted plants using sun or sun combined with artificial lighting, cultivated by Khiron and Avicanna in Colombia; or 3) Outdoor or sun-grown using just sunshine, rainwater and love, utilized by Sunrise Mountain Farms in Humboldt County, California.”

Sunrise Mountain Farm Garden

She did an excellent job distilling our approach down to its’ essence: Just sunshine, rainwater, and love… The Sandomenos take a clean, sustainable approach to producing cannabis…” Thanks for the shoutout, Sara! We always consider the health of the planet in our Beyond Organic approach to cultivation. Does this make the quality, medicinal potential, and enjoyment of our flowers different from those produced by Big AG? We certainly think so, but we’ll let you be the judge!