It’s always a flattering feeling to be featured on someone’s MUST HAVE list, but Forbes’ 2019 MUST HAVE Cannabis Flower Holiday Gift Guide? Well, I’d pay attention to that. If Cannabis can’t help you navigate the HOLIDAZE with a smile on your face, what can?!

Terroir: Noun (/terˈwär/) – The complete natural environment in which a particular Cannabis plant is produced, including factors such as the soil, topography, and climate.

This list of highly sought after and giftable flowers was compiled by Warren Bobrow, known as the Cocktail Whisperer but with a penchant for the green flower, and often combining the two. So WHY does Bobrow place Sunrise Mountain Farm so high on his holiday gift-giving list? In his own words:

It’s all about the terroir at Sunrise Mountain. Outdoor grown in real soil. Does that make it better? I believe so and so will your taste buds. Unlike the ones we smoke, your taste buds make Sunrise Mountain Farms a memorable experience.

Yep, he gets it. It IS all about the terroir!

Estate grown in the northeastern mountains of Humboldt County at an elevation of 2,500’, bordered by national forest, and surrounded by wild nature, our select Cannabis strains enjoy a unique microclimate.

Sunrise Mountain plants drink pure mountain spring water, root into vital soil, and see the sunrise every morning. The location of our farm contributes to exemplary terpene expression. We experience hot inland daytime temperatures and autumnal cool, crisp evenings with a slight coastal influence.

Location matters.